Go back to where it all began. 22 episodes of crazy true crime stories from the city of churches and sinners.

Episode 1

What the f*#k happened to Alan?

Episode 2

Did I mention the be-heading?

Episode 3

What about the Beaumont’s?

Episode 4

Sex on a park bench in Elizabeth

Episode 5

Picture this… Sicily

Episode 6

As was the thing back in the day

Episode 7

In over their heads

Episode 8

Monsters in the suburbs

Episode 9

Huge piece of f#$king slander

Episode 10

A perfect storm

Episode 11

Monsters in the suburbs update

Episode 12

I call bulls#@t

Episode 13


Episode 14

What are you doing Daddy?

Episode 15

Today was the day

Episode 16

No hat! 1940’s red flag

Episode 17

Did I leave you hanging?

Episode 18

Just hear me out

Episode 19


Episode 20

What in the fluid dynamics?

Episode 21

Heroin, decapitation and strawberries anyone?

Episode 22

Throw a monkey in that wrench