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Have you ever listened to a case or been reading a newspaper report and thought that you would never have fallen for that.

When it comes to serial killers we are generally all sucked into the movie version of events, screaming at the television, “don’t run up the stairs”, when we all know that character is now dead.

In real life, however things are not that clear cut.

During my research on many different serial killers over the years, I have found that there are many similarities between them when it comes to luring victims. So in the interests of not becoming the next notch on a serial killers belt I have laid out some of the front runners for you.

Something free or cheap. This is a ploy we see used over and over again when it comes to serial killers. The offer of something too good to be true. It the case of the last victim of the so called “Snowtown Killers,” the offer of a cheap computer by a step brother got David Johnson to the remote bank in rural South Australia where he ended up a body in a barrel.

I want to date you and I am really gorgeous. This is an oldie but the proof is in the effectiveness. Nowadays this lure is often used online to lure someone out of their home and into danger. If someone appears to be out of your league in real life but wants a piece of you online, perhaps what they are selling you is bogus. The so called “Dexter Killer” Mark Twitchell a would be serial killer, used the popular dating site plenty of fish to lure John Brian “Johnny” Altinger to his death in 2011.

Let me take your picture beautiful. When all else fails flattery could be the key to your downfall. A popular tactic used by several serial killers including Rodney Alcala in the 70’s, also known as the dating game killer, Harvey Murray Glatman who promised young girls modeling contracts, fame and fortune and even Ted Bundy was known to have flattered his victims and getting them to strike a pose.

Emergency. Please help, I am in desperate need of your assistance. Used by Derrick Todd Lee when he recorded the sound of infants crying and played them outside his victims doorways, this ploy takes many forms. This could also be as simple as my car broke down or my child needs assistance. Sorry dude, I will call a tow truck for you though my closed locked car window.

MONEY. After enjoyment money is the second highest reason serial killers have for choosing their victim. In the case of infamous poisoner Martha Needle, having multiple insurance policies on spouses and children’s lives is a huge red flag. Choose the recipients of any life insurance and superannuation funds carefully.

Drugs and alcohol. Many serial killers did not ever have to do anything to lure their victims as such, just waited for them to drink themselves past the point of self defense. In the case of Gilbert Paul Jordan, known as the killer barber, he provided the alcohol and let the unconsciousness be his permission to kill.

Hitching a lift. We all know it yet, most of us have still done it once or twice, even if it is getting alone in the car of a friend of a friend that no one knows you are with. Nearly all of the victims of Adelaide’s notorious “family murders”, the victim was last seen hitchiking.

Well now you know how not to get lured into the web of a serial killer, or did I just write this story to get you lured into my trap, researching serial killers?

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