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Will this bug end us all by isolation?

With the world currently safely shutting themselves away from the threat of Corona Virus, what about those who have no where safe to shut in.

According to a new servery conducted by Women’s Safety NSW, since the start of this new pandemic, increase for help in relation to domestic violence has increased by up to 40%.

Further complicating issues, with the recent restrictions on the number of people allowed to be gathering in one place, and social distancing rules, domestic violence shelters are no longer allowed to fill to capacity. The measures taken are to protect staff, but are they putting women and children at further risk from their abusers.

Realistically we are only at the beginning of this thing, with health sources predicting a six to twelve month period of expected isolation, it seems some are now locked in with their abusers.

One recent abuse survivor recently opened up to me comments that “when he went to work it was the greatest sense of relief for me and the kids. It was the only time we were free. I can’t imagine how women are coping walking on eggshells 100% of the time, trying not to set off the beast that was living in my house. I am so glad we got out before we were locked in with him by this new situation.”

With people moving closer towards the goal of all abusers for their spouses, total isolation, as the norm, we can , no doubt expect to see a dramatic increase in intimate partner violence, murder and child abuse as children are increasingly kept home from school.

With resources already stretched it is only a matter of time before this COVID-19 femicide begins. With no one out in the world, how are we meant to keep tabs on those we love, are they ok? First question a detective asks in a missing persons case is “when was she last seen”. Today my answer of all of my own friends would have to be, its actually been weeks.

Please checkin by phone with anyone you know who is living in an abusive situation. If you have concerns for the welfare of any friend or child and you, call the police to do a welfare check. It’s better to check in and be wrong than to always wonder what if…..


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