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It does seem no matter how hard we try, Adelaide remains in people’s minds, the murder capital of Australia. Podcasts like Murder laide don’t help the cause I suppose, but you have to give the people what they want right?

Here in the city of churches and sinners, most are slightly resentful of the murder capital of Australia title, mostly because it is factually untrue. Maybe also because we have other things like the plethora of great wine, food and festivals

Statistically speaking Adelaide is actually a pretty safe city, no matter what Dexter says, so why is it that the murder capital title just sticks?

According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics, sorry Victoria, you have been topping the list of murders per capita for over a decade. South Australia has only made the top spot three times, two of those were dramatically helped along by the discovery of serial murders (namely the Truro cluster and the Snowtown bodies in barrels) and even then this information is skewed because the years those bodies were all discovered was not necessarily the year of that individuals murder.

That third time, well there was an outlaw biker war going on.

So if we aren’t actually up there as the murder capital statistiacally, why does the reputation of a murder capital still hang in the common collective thoughts of Adelaide.

Perhaps it has something to do with the insane nature of some of the crimes that have occurred here in Adelaide.

Like the churches, the murders are unusual and plentiful. Headings like “Lesbian heroin addict kills transvestite trucker,” or “teen girl travels three state to murder grandfather,” are attached to our fair city.

But is it fair that we continually have the unofficial title of murder capital when Melbourne is really the title holder? And does this detract from the awful statistics coming from one of our least populated states, the Northern Territory, where intimate partner violence and murder is becoming a shocking trend?

Either way, I somehow do not think we will be shaking this title any time soon, and it does provide quality meat for podcasting.

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