This website contains graphic depictions of violence, salty language and poor grammar

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Season 2, Episode 13

“Brought to you by……Terry”

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What Listeners have to say about Murderlaide

“The presenter of this podcast is brilliant. She shows the utmost respect for the victims, conducts thorough research, and sprinkles a dusting of dark humour at precisely the right moments. Full respect to her as she also offers info about support services for people that are currently experiencing family harm/intimate relationship violence. 15/10 would recommend!

Annie Roycroft

“My favorite podcast. I recommended this podcast to my friends. love the salty language. keep them coming.”

Jessica Edstrom

“Hard love for Ann and the podcast, great work and brutally honest”

Annie Reynolds

“Straight to the point. Best podcast I have listened to”

Diane Daniels

“Love it. Straight forward and dry.”

Anita Artlet

“Great content and great research.”

David Frost